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We Are
Help for Ukraine.

We try to made a difference for victims of this war.

About the Project

In first case we are collecting humanitarian goods.

Blankets, clothes, usefull products, helmets,...

The dramatic escalation in Ukraine is disrupting the lives of thousands of people. Our local partner organization is sounding the alarm and we are launching a humanitarian aid campaign.

Corneel Geerts Transport also assists the affected population, and especially the families who have had to flee their homes, with the most urgent help.

Together with our partner from Ukraine, we provide the first emergency aid to refugees at the Polish border of the country. But the situation is getting worse by the minute.

“Early this morning's events inevitably lead to a colossal humanitarian catastrophe. It is unbelievable that in the 21st century, in Europe, people wake up at 5 am to explosions and the sound of air raid sirens.”

The Hard Truth

133 (!)

Current donated pallets (to be) shipped to Ukrainian border.


killed because of this war


Homeless people

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